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Demons Should Not Turn Us Away From The Light


We may face malicious people on a daily basis who sap our energy. They can upset and annoy us in such a way that our thoughts are soon overwhelmed by negativity. This focus on people who do us harm is harmful. It prevents us from looking at the light, the light that can truly refresh us and make us feel taller. It would be like looking at our shadow and not knowing that the sun is right above our head and that it is the origin of our shadow. Energy follows our focus of attention. Too often being diminished, belittled or despised by a harmful environment, we forget that the solution lies elsewhere, that it is necessary to turn to that which will give us the vital energy to meet the challenges we face.

To want to face our adversaries head on can be exhausting if we have not connected beforehand to a source of unlimited energy via prayer or the repetition of mantras. To face one’s demons, one must be sure to have a magnanimous heart so that the wickedness of certain people does not reach us. Unfortunately, it is almost always impossible to come out unscathed from confrontations with people who wish us harm. Praying for them, as counterintuitive as it may seem, can make things better. Bonds and benevolent thoughts can, when strong, annihilate the most vile of evil. This approach takes work and practice, and is available to all who wish to solve their problems through a path of light. One can fight an enemy with similar weapons, but in doing so, one can get stuck and become the same in the end.
Of course, in many cases some form of coercion will be required, since benevolence is not always appreciated. Showing a form of loving inflexibility is a viable option. Villains are also there to highlight our own areas of progress, they challenge us in our way of loving what is seemingly not worthy of being loved. Love is not about the object of love, but primarily about the subject (ourselves), it is a level of consciousness that must be cultivated through action and the will to stay connected to the divine.

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