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Whom do you trust?


Meaning of trust in Cambridge Dictionary: To believe that someone is good and honest and will not harm you, or that something is safe and reliable. We were born naked in complete inability and need, unable to avert environmental hazards and meet our basic needs, still we were lucky enough to be taken care of in warm protective and supportive…


Good And Bad In The Eyes Of Life


The instinct As a human being we learn through the confrontation of two vectors, pain and joy. The events have different effects on us, and we experience different energies and feelings. We may already carry fears that are not our personal experience, in the sense that we carry the traumas of our ancestors. Pain makes us run away from painful…


Lessons learnt from rain


*Continuous flow of discrete droplets Every thought, every action that we make, and every step that we take has a direction and an energy that would affect our soul and body. We are the final result of the past steps and we are building the future at the fleeting moments that we have now. We see actions as discrete particles…


Hands of God


Everywhere we look there are disasters, injustice and sadness. There are whales of tear, people who are starving out of hunger, mouths kept shut off and peoples under torcher in jails for fighting for their basic needs, animals and plants in danger of extinction and the close uncompensatable  damage to the environment. Let’s imagine a short lived temporary presence on…


Peace and Pace

pace and peace

Peace and Pace are both familiar worlds pointing to two seemingly different directions. They have their own entourages as well. People based on their definition of success take either peace or pace as the road map of their lives. It seems that by taking one you should neglect the other, otherwise you’d lose the desired destiny. Are these concepts contradictory?…