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Learn What To Lose


Achieving a big goal is more a matter of giving something away rather than acquiring: to get something, you need to choose.
We are somehow told that we can get anything, without telling us that to do so we have to be ready to sacrifice everything.
That’s why growing as an individual means knowing what we are ready to let go of. We are like hot air balloon, to go up we have to add more gas and take away some sandbags..

To shape this mentality, we cannot support a happiness based on pleasure because it lead us to the absence of required sacrifices. If you choose a path, for example a work career, you have to accept that you won’t work in other jobs.

It’s for that reason that thinking is the most important activity of human life. Indeed, reflecting on the future, reading or debating helps us to take the right decision and therefore be ready to avoid certain paths. We should dedicate on a regular basis at least 2 hours of daily thinking which could be through reading, meditation or simply remaining in solitude for sometime. The capacity of clear and elevated thinking has a direct impact on our life either on happiness or satisfaction. Likewise, voluntary ignorance of certain topics is critical to be able to focus of on what matters the most for us. No making a choice equals making the choice of mediocrity or choosing mediocrity to perform well in a particular field, we have to dedicate a certain amount of time, effort and thinking otherwise we cannot reach high levels. However, it’s important to combine areas of knowledge because we can be more creative by tapping into different approaches that can be replicated somewhere else.

As a conclusion, I would add that action is essential to decision making. Without it we cannot test our ideas, concepts and choices.

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