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Every Day Is A Life


Don’t you have the feeling that when you get up in the morning you feel slightly different. Your dreams have left an imprint on you that you don’t remain insensitive to. These dream influences operate like the limbo from which you are reborn every morning. Of course, you are the same person. However, your thoughts and feelings can change greatly from one day to the next. So why not consider the day as a life?
The day starts like life. In the morning we are full of spirit and energy and in the evening we reflect on what we have accomplished during the day. Like life, the day has its ups and downs, its achievements and disappointments. We are always looking for advice and it is only when we wake up that we find the answers to some questions. Perhaps it is the same for children who seem to harbor innocent wisdom whose secrets we have forgotten as we grow up.
Every morning we are reborn as flowers bloom in the light of day. Every life is a promise and death an unknown that we may glimpse through the experience of sleep.
If we choose to live one day as we live a life, perhaps it will be successful.

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