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10 new reasons to learn French


1. Have a different point of view on the world
It is always good to have a different point of view on the news and the world in general. The economy is dominated by Anglo-Saxon and capitalist thinking. French vision and sensitivity are different. French elites, whether intellectual, political or media are influenced by literature, philosophy, history and political science. If you immerse yourself in the French-speaking world, you will see that we can think really differently and above all ask the questions from a totally new angle of approach. This intellectual background of our elites associated with a soul more Latin than Germanic will make learning French to allow you an intellectual journey of the most interesting. To see the world from a French point of view is to be critical and even sometimes seem absurd because French mental software is not always pragmatic but rather conceptual.

2. Connect with part of the African continent
The colonial history of France has meant that today a large part of African countries have French as their official language. If you are interested in Africa, it is not at all useless to learn French, which is one of the main languages of the continent. You can travel to most countries in West and Equatorial Africa as well as to Madagascar.
The African soul is rich and varied, French will bring you closer to people and thus better understand them.

3. Some say it’s a beautiful language
Beauty is subjective, the same goes for that which concerns languages. However, I have often been told that French is a beautiful language to hear. You see, perhaps it will motivate you to learn it if you make the same observation.

4. It’s useful to do something that seems seemingly useless
For some people, French no longer has the appeal it once had due in particular to a lower number of speakers than that of English, Spanish, Mandarin or even Hindi .
It’s true, learning French is not vital in most cases. Unlike most English, it is not of major interest to most people. However, French is not only interesting for being spoken, it is also interesting for being read. Even if you don’t use it every day, learning a language is still an intellectual exercise and an open door to a new number , it’s up to you to see if the trip is worth it.

5. It’s not as difficult as you think
If you already speak English, know that you share at least 30% of your vocabulary with the language of Molière. If you speak a Romance language be it Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian or Catalan, you will see how easy it is to learn it as the grammar, the conjugation and the vocabulary are similar. If you do not speak one of these languages, I will not lie to you, it will be harder for you, but you have to know how to put the effort because the game is worth the effort.

6. You can create your own bubble conducive to creativity
When you learn a language, you have the possibility of entering a world closed to all those who do not speak it. This can be an advantage because it virtually creates a cocoon that protects and nourishes you intellectually and creatively.

7. Documentary resources are generally numerous and of good quality
There are rather a lot of resources in French and generally of relatively good quality whose translation into English is anything but systematic. Speaking French will give you access to this treasure.

8. There is always a French speaking country near you that you can visit
Wherever you live, there is generally a French-speaking country or region within 4 hours by plane from your home, except perhaps for Asian countries. This can give you quite interesting travel ideas and enrich you humanly by connecting via another language.

9. If you speak French, you are already a little French
The French identity is so linked to the language that you can almost say that if you speak French you are already a little French. Of course there will always be fools to tell you that no, but in reality, speaking French perfectly means already being more than 50% French.

10. French is much richer than English when it comes to insulting!
You speak English and you despair of not being able to use any other word than the word beginning with F ***. So, if that’s the case, French is perfect for you! You have no idea of the variety of insults available constantly updated from generation to generation. You will be able to express your disgust or your repulsion with much more nuance!

Remember the reasons for not learning French.

1. You hate being corrected
The French and more particularly the Parisians are happy to correct even the other French speakers! If you don’t like it, don’t learn French!

2. You don’t want to learn a language that spread through colonization
If the idea that a language is propagated by blood as it is unfortunately the case of the dominant languages be it English, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese or Russian then do not learn French because the history of this language is anything but a rosewater novel.

3. If you are too pragmatic and want an immediate return on investment
As previously presented, learning French will generally not give you an immediate return on investment. If that’s your goal, it’s best to learn a skill like programming or English if you don’t speak it already. However, learning French is beneficial in the long term whether it is for your cognitive development, your self-esteem, your general culture or even your well-being.

4. If you are afraid of feeling isolated in your learning
Since French speakers are spread all over the world, there is a fairly developed network of schools, however, face-to-face courses can be expensive. You may also not be able to speak face-to-face on a daily basis with a French-speaking friend. If you are afraid of being isolated because you are forced to learn via the internet, perhaps French is not the best language to learn.

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