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How Many Innings Does A Life Take?


Sometimes we would like to go and isolate ourselves in a cabin on a deserted island. Life acts like a teacher to us and we are tired of discovering that we forget the lessons he has taught us so many times.

What would we do if we had narrowly escaped a bloody shootout?
Would we be tempted to lead the same life as before or would we dare to be swept away by the wave caused by this existential earthquake? We believe that life is linear when in fact it follows its course like water flowing haphazardly along a frozen peak.
It is tempting to refuse to escape the mental corral we have created for ourselves through our conditioning. However, to live fully, we often have to remove our golden turban that we cherish and that nevertheless hides our view on the obvious. The successive realizations that change our vision of the world and punctuate our life, limit the sleeves.
It is not necessary to call upon a commissioner to make us adhere to the prison that we have created for ourselves. There could be a flood, it would not even be sure that we would want to look for the key.
To escape, one must have the courage to idealize the exit, otherwise what is the point of trying? If you think that escape is like going on a honeymoon, then you’re ready to go to any lengths to achieve it.
On the tennis court of life, we really don’t know who we are playing against. Is there someone in front of us or is it a distorted reflection of ourselves?
Every moment of epiphany marks a turning point in one’s life, even though we may get stuck at one stage without ever finding the key to take us to the next level. To evolve, we must know how to sacrifice a little of what we have been. If a dolphin wanted to become a reptile, it would have to give up its ability to swim. Sometimes you’re just comfortable where you are, you don’t try to keep going by adding more innings to what can seem like an endless game. The turtle is not at the most advanced stage of what might be called evolution, yet its very existence is rich with wisdom.

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