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10 reasons to enjoy the massive spread of telework

  1. Greater family-work balance: more presence at home
    By definition, working at home means staying with loved ones for longer.
  2. Less pollution
    Reducing daily commutes drastically improves air quality and therefore the health of city dwellers.
  3. Less time lost in transport
    The other advantage of teleworking is the saving of time which can sometimes represent several hours per day. These same hours saved can be spent on wellness, relaxation, personal improvement, sport and learning new skills, for example.
  4. Elimination of interruptions
    Office life is subject to many interruptions. Remote work too, but you just have to leave professional instant messaging and turn off your phone to find deep work conditions. This greater concentration is a factor in improving productivity. Of course, if you are working and your children are at home, it is very likely that you will be interrupted more.
  5. Presenteeism no longer makes sense: it is the result that counts
    The less human contact there is, the more the quality of the worker is judged on the result provided, so presenteeism is no longer relevant. Office networking is also becoming less important without disappearing.
  6. A more flexible organization of its time
    A corollary to the point previously mentioned is that you can organize your schedule a little more flexibly.
  7. A promotion based on competence
    Finally, there is a more meritocratic approach which is induced by this new functioning. It is those who are most productive are most valued.
  8. Dress code matters less
    Looks are less important, so you can wear a tie suit for video conferences while wearing your pyjama pants. Generally speaking, the dress code is not as strict as when working in situ. However, it is always better to have professional clothing on because it strengthens your ability to concentrate.
  9. Office optimization, cost reduction
    Who says democratization of telework means uselessness of large offices. Companies will be able to save on rent or land expenses in general. We can imagine that this reduction in space will allow the increase of living space, especially in city centers , which will mechanically lower the price of real estate in general for individuals.
  10. Look for talent wherever it is (positive and negative)
    Before the injunction of confinement, many organizations will have to restructure in order to allow work from a distance. This is an asset because they will be able to recruit employees worldwide. This will be a recruitment opportunity for workers from countries with more accessible labor. However, this will represent a risk for employees in developed countries who will be in direct competition with people from all over the world. Although confinement apparently represents a phenomenon of de-globalization as a whole, it appears in some cases to be a catalyst for globalization. In the particular case of digital jobs and jobs that can be done remotely in general, the democratization of telework accentuates the outsourcing of services.

However, we must not forget some particularly annoying disadvantages .

1. Difficulty separating professional life from personal life

The non-separation of personal and professional life is obvious especially when you do not have the possibility of having a room specially dedicated to work.

2. Conflict within the family
Overcrowding is a factor of conflictuality which could cause disputes within families.

3. The impossibility of establishing closer relationships with colleagues
Work plays an important role in people’s social lives. Working remotely can generate a greater feeling of loneliness.

4. Psychological disorders
All these mentioned problems can cause psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety or feelings of loneliness.

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