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6 Myths Of Love

6 Mythes Of Love

Loving is perhaps the hardest thing to do, isn’t it?

Why that? Let’s discover together some common misconceptions about the issue. Let us understand the requirement that love implies.

1- Love is a feeling 

To love someone, you must first know how to love yourself, which is not always easy. Often the love we are talking about is not true. It is rather a headlong rush.

On the other hand, true love is rare because often we are trapped in a narcissistic bubble which prevents us from seeing or understanding what the other wants.

Love is not just a lyrical feeling, it is above all a level of consciousness that pushes us to give the best of ourselves. True love is not selfish, it is magnanimous, it exceeds all conditions of class, race or religion.

Loving is demanding, because it involves drawing the most beautiful things from us, but it strips us naked and can make us a little vulnerable. Not everyone is ready to be naked, there are too many risks for some to take, which is why true love does not run the streets.


2- Long distance relationships do not work 

Distance is to love what the wind is to fire: It extinguishes the little one. It stirs up the great.

This sentence sums up well the idea that true love ignores distances. If your love is great, it will be able to endure the greatest hardships, the distance cannot overcome your love for someone if it is true.


3- If you find love you will find happiness

This sentence is false in itself because love with a little a, that is to say romantic love does not bring happiness, it is actually the opposite. It is to cultivate happiness that will allow you to find love.

However, if we talk about love as a state of consciousness, that is to say love with a capital A, this statement is true, happiness is one of the consequences of true love.


4- We can love several people at the same time 

Polyamory has become a recent trend , it is the idea of loving several people at the same time. This idea is a substitute for real love and an imitation of love. It arises from an unwillingness to engage in a consumerist world. Polyamory is an uberization of love, it is a precarisation of the conditions of love and the dignity of the two partners (which results from it- needs more explanation).
The myth is that polyamory means gaining freedom and flexibility using the same mindset that we use for the new economy. However, when there is no commitment, there is always someone who comes out hurt. Polyamory is a fashionable term to hide a more despicable reality, that is the desire to be unfaithful without assuming the social shame that comes with it.

5- To love is to forget yourself

Literature and cinema have touched a lot on the theme of romantic love. Now, this love as it is described is often in reality only the attraction and alienation it causes the lover.
True love can cause obsession, however, you have to know how to be reasonable. Indeed, true love is the connection of two consciences and personalities/ individuals. You cannot create a healthy relationship if one of the parts disappears. Passion is what is most often confused with love.


6- Love is found

Love is often associated with an encounter. Nothing is less true. Love, in thruth is a verb, an action and not a circumstance. Therefore, love is built day after day. Love is not the lottery we win but rather the business we create and take care of on a daily basis, it’s a garden that we have to take care of every day if we don’t want to let the flowers fade.

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