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Thinking About The Threats And Opportunities Created By Ai

We thought that the upheaval of algorithms and machines was far away, but it is right in front of us. We are witnessing a revolution in the organization of work in real time. Online jobs thought they were safe from the threat of replacement. The opposite is happening. There will be a complete overhaul of certain professions over the next two years, including copywriters, marketers, telemarketers and support staff, programmers, lawyers, accountants, teachers, graphic designers, and others. This is a significant part of the working world in developed countries that will be affected. We can imagine many wage revolts and strike movements. Nothing will do, the technological revolution is on the march and nothing will stop it, and certainly not the social movements.

Who Benefits From The Crime?

Every upheaval has its victims and its profiteers. This groundswell will give much more power to companies that used to rely on human labor to carry out their projects. Of course, those who will not have diversified in time will go out of business, but on the whole I would say that the prowess of AI will benefit capital (without necessarily wanting to use a Marxist vocabulary).

The Elite In Their Field

When demand drops, it’s the best that stay. The decline in wine consumption during the 20th century has meant that only excellent wines are consumed today. The vineyards of mediocre wines were subsidized to be uprooted and destroyed. It is the same today, only the best or those already in place will survive. For the others, it is better that they think of recycling themselves elsewhere.

The New Proletariat

Since there are winners, there are losers, it is rare in business to be in a win-win situation. Those who are neither the best nor the owners of capital will not be able to form a new proletarian class if they cannot reinvent themselves.

Where To Go Now That Everything Is Threatened?

Humans learn linearly and sometimes incrementally. AI has the capacity to make exponential progress. On its own ground, it is impossible to beat it. Man must have a guerrilla strategy against machines, if he wants to survive.

The Necessity Of Travel

It is undeniable that the world is not fully developed in a uniform way. In most developed countries, certain skills and know-how that are obsolete are still valuable in many developing countries. For those who are struggling with the constantly-evolving technological, economic, and artistic environment, it can be difficult to remain competitive with the more advanced countries of the world.

In such cases, changing countries can be a way for you to escape the consequences of this global transformation for a while, just for a while. This could provide you with a temporary reprieve from the challenging landscape, allowing you to focus on honing your existing skills and gaining facility with newer professions and trends, that may be absent in the developing countries.

In addition, developing countries often provide more vibrant and dynamic social and economic infrastructure than developed ones do. This can give you the opportunity to tap into the untapped resource of energy and creativity in those countries. By utilising the resources and expertise of people hailing from the developing countries, you can benefit from their knowledge, skills and capabilities. You can also develop relationships with people and organizations in those countries, which can be beneficial over the longer run.

It is also important to note that staying in a developing country for an extended period of time gives you a unique insight into the country and its culture, giving you a deeper understanding of the culture, religion and customs of the land. This can help you gain a better understanding of their perspectives and values and can be of great value to businesses seeking to expand into these countries.

Finally, despite the fact that globalisation and the rapid changes in the world make it difficult to keep pace with advancement in developed countries, it is still possible for us to achieve a certain level of balance between our lives in the developed countries, and that in the developing countries. Taking the time to learn new skills and experiences in the developing countries can be incredibly fulfilling, personally and professionally.

All in all, changing countries can be a great way for you to escape the consequences of the global transformation for a while. It can provide you with the invaluable opportunity to hone existing skills and gain real insight into the different countries and cultures of the world.

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