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Raising Your Consciousness Every Day

You probably want to improve your life, just like everyone else. What if the best way to do that is to change your outlook and raise your perspective. It’s all about your level of awareness, after all. You see the world as you are.

Get A Higher Perspective

Your prevailing emotions give you a clue to your level of awareness. If you feel anger most of your day, you are trapping yourself in a downward spiral. Can an angry person see the beauty of a sunset or the harmony of a smile? There is little chance. When you stay at lower levels of consciousness, you miss a whole world of beauty.

We Create What We Are

Changing what is going on in your head is crucial if you want to change what is going on around you. We tend to create on the outside what we first created on the inside. This is why there is no evolution without involution, as they say. If 100 people manage to create harmony in their heads, that’s as many missionaries of peace that we bring to earth.

Pay Attention To The Words You Listen To

You create what you are but you become what you read, watch or listen to. This is why I advise you not to expose yourself to too many harmful words voluntarily, for example by listening to rap music or watching the news.

How To Trigger The Elevation Of Consciousness

You must expose yourself to beauty, so that it permeates you and you can then spread it. Poetry, music, silence, bucolic landscapes, are all ways to soak up beauty and raise your consciousness.

Have A Dream

The dream keeps you awake paradoxically. Clearly define the contours of what you want to be and accomplish. In doing so, you will create an energy that will set you in motion. Don’t just be a dreamer, take action every day to make it happen.

The Art Of Asking Yourself The Big Questions

In our search for a better understanding of ourselves, a key step is to assess the quality of the questions we ask ourselves day after day. If we wish to achieve a higher level of consciousness and gain a deeper insight into our own thoughts and motivations, it is essential to raise the standard of the questions we ask ourselves on a daily basis.

Of course, it is far easier to pose simple questions that require low-level responses. For example, we may regularly ponder: ‘Did I manage to complete all of the tasks I had set for myself today?’ or ‘Am I feeling stressed at the moment?’ These types of questions are important in helping to check that we are meeting our goals and managing our emotions appropriately, but they arguably do not challenge us to go beyond our existing worldview and think deeply.

Although taking a practical approach to our lives has its merits, if we wish to expand our consciousness, it is useful to ask ourselves more probing questions such as ‘What is making me happy right now?’ and ‘What qualities can I actively seek to demonstrate?’ prompting us to focus on positive qualities and actively strive for self-improvement. In addition, carefully examining questions about the ethical and moral challenges we encounter in our lives can help us to develop a deeper understanding of the world around us, as well as gain a greater insight into our own values and beliefs.

Considering the broader impact of our decisions is also useful. Challenging questions such as ‘What is the best way to care for the environment?’ or ‘What kind of role model do I want to be to the younger generation?’ can encourage us to consider what type of impact our behaviours have on others and become more responsible citizens.

Ultimately, it is by regularly posing thoughtful questions that we can stimulate our intellectual and emotional growth. By rigorously challenging our beliefs and taking the time to reflect on the deeper motivations for our actions, we can take a step closer to improving the quality of our lives, as well as our level of consciousness.

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