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Whom Do You Trust?


Meaning of trust in Cambridge Dictionary: To believe that someone is good and honest and will not harm you, or that something is safe and reliable.

We were born naked in complete inability and need, unable to avert environmental hazards and meet our basic needs, still we were lucky enough to be taken care of in warm protective and supportive arms.

We learnt little by little how to walk farther and this was just the first point we have encountered the opposition forces and injuries. Our brain started to categorize different signals that we got from our environment as well as categorizing the people we are communicating with.

According to what was said and the definition of trust, what are the safe boundaries that we should keep with people in different relationships? Which levels does the concept of trust carry? What are the main pillars that we build our trust on?

As the definition says, there are three main components that shape Trust, the trustor, the trustee, and the subject of the trust. The trustor gives this right to the trustee to use his/her power on a specific agreed subject while taking care of the rights and benefits of  the trustor.

When it comes to the layers, three layers come to my mind, the first layer would be the trust that we make with ourself, the second layer could be trusting the outside world, nature and people, and the third but the most important one must be trusting the conscious and potent power that we all feel its presence especially in tough moments.

It seems that trust is being held by pillars, safety from harm, peace of mind, good will of trustees, the dynamic process of manipulating valuable assets surrendered by the trustee, reliability, honesty and a transparent space of trust.

In trusting ourselves, we’ll take a more sympathetic close look at the past and we’ll accept our past mistakes and believe on our strength in solving the newly encountered problems by the knowledge that we already gathered passing through the life or by the help of our keen mind plus consulting with whom we know as aware, conscious people.

Trusting the outside world would be harder and needs a kind of alert presence in combination with instincts, active attention to energies and actions, plus the time in which parts of this trust would join together by every intelligent and empathetic response to the needs of the other party.

Finally, we’ll experience those moments and realms of confusion that we could not step into them by trusting our might or knowledge and those moments seem to be out of reach for other human beings as well. These moments though may be few, could rely deeply on our response while having a great impact in our life and on the whole world. No unwritten rule could quench our suffocated mind’s wandering. This is the highest realm we would step in by surrendering our knowledge to more bewilderment and would sit in meditation or prayer believing that things that concern us have meanings and will be led to a transcendent goal by a united force that wants the good fit all the seemingly  separated particles.

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