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Do You Talk To God Often?

The need to relate to the transcendent is anchored in each of us, that said, spirituality is expressed in various ways. There are religions without God (Buddhism), with or without clergy, rigid or not. Everyone can find the spirituality that suits them if they make the effort to look for it.

The Search For God Often Comes From Loneliness

Loneliness pushes us to look for a presence, like the only child who starts to play with imaginary friends. Certainly God is only pure invention when he lives in our head, but when he starts to live in our heart, he becomes reality.

Talking To God Is The Duty Of Every Believer

Talking to God, through prayer for example, is to allow him to live in our heart. Given that God to really exist, it is necessary that he sits in our heart. There are several techniques to keep a permanent link with him.

Karma Yoga Another Technique

If prayer is not your forte and you are more of a person of action, you could opt for karma yoga which consists in offering all your actions to the divine. Each act you do, you give it as a symbolic offering to the divine so that you maintain a constant connection with it as the high-speed train is connected to its electric cables as it moves forward.

Gratitude As Spirituality

The Taoist principle of “good containing evil” speaks to the understanding that, in the world of reality, there is no absolute good or evil; everything has multiple aspects, some good, some bad. Everything that happens to us and in the world around us is part of the fabric of God’s creation. Rather than simply being victims of circumstance or fate, it is up to us to embrace all the aspects of reality and seek to find the good within the bad.

Developing an attitude of gratitude is an essential part of this process. We should take the time to pause and consciously recognize the gifts and blessings that can be found in any situation, no matter how unfavorable. We can learn to be thankful even in the midst of difficult and challenging experiences. This practice sharpens our observation skills, enabling us to recognize more quickly what is positive in our lives, and gradually build up a layer of wisdom and resilience.

Ultimately, if we are mindful and truly willing to recognize the value in all our experiences, we will grow to become more conscious, informed, and aware individuals. We can learn to make better decisions by seeing both the positive and negative implications of our actions. With such a capacity, we can contribute more in a meaningful and powerful way to the betterment of the world.

At the end of the day, it is up to each of us to develop gratitude for everything that happens to us, even through its toughest struggles. By doing so, we can make the world around us a better place, and get closer to achieving a more harmonious and serene existence. We can continually strive to discover the hidden good within everything, and unlock a greater understanding of the divine power at work in our lives.

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