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The 4 levels of peace 

Peace is something we all seek, but it is sometimes rare because our lives can be so stressful. Let’s see the 4 ways to signal that you have reached a certain level of peace in your daily life.

Peace with yourself

When we are young, it is not uncommon to run away from solitude. It makes us uncomfortable because it puts us in front of an unknown: ourselves. However, if we learn to get used to this presence, we can find the first level of peace. If we are not at peace with ourselves, it is futile to want to be at peace with nature, others or God. It is therefore an essential achievement to be able to find peace in solitude. Peace when one is alone is not easy to find. One is never really alone. There are always ideas that we rehearse in the back of our minds and they imprison us. Evacuating parasitic thoughts, which are most often negative, is a prerequisite for finding solitary peace.

Solitude as a friend

If you find it difficult to befriend yourself, it is probably because you are oppressed by the silence of solitude. Yet, if you make a repeated effort each day to tame solitude, you may find that you have made the acquaintance of a wonderful friend.

Peace in nature

Our relationship with nature is also an important signal of our level of maturity. When you are not accustomed to the presence of nature in your life, you tend to neglect what it could bring to you. However, the more you multiply your contacts with it, the more it transforms you. Friendship with nature is saving because it can bring peace even if you can’t find peace alone, it can act as a relief. So perhaps the relationship with nature is the first one, because it is the one that makes us aware of the very notion of inner peace. It is often necessary to harmonize with nature in order to discover friendship with oneself. That said, not everyone has access to nature near their home, we live more and more in concrete and suffocating environments, it is much more reasonable to want to first consolidate a friendship with oneself before finding peace in nature. It is easier today to be alone with oneself than with nature. Solitude is more accessible. Peace with nature connects us with the experience of our not-so-distant ancestors. The notion of city is quite recent if we look at the course of human history, it appeared about 10 000 years ago. This is nothing compared to the homo genus which is more than 3 million years old. Our species has essentially lived in daily contact with nature. Our senses, our body and our joy are shaped to be immersed in nature. It is in a way our element. In cities, we get a little lost. We try to play a role to find a social place, but deep down, there is a happiness at hand that is simply walking in nature and forgetting all these identities we have built up over time. The best identity to be at peace is to be naked and let nature see us as we are.

Peace with people

If you manage to detach yourself from your egotic envelopes through the friendship you have cultivated with yourself and nature, you will paradoxically find it easier to form bonds with others. Peace with people is not easy when you are uncomfortable with yourself. In the end, the relationship you create with others is only the sum of the solitary friendships of each person. Someone who respects himself and loves the person he is, will find it easier to project that love onto others, which will enhance the person with whom he has a relationship. On the other hand, a person who has a deplorable self-esteem will have difficulty building lasting or harmonious relationships, simply because he or she will not have been able to build the foundations of his or her self-esteem, which is often the mirror of the relationships that one could have with others. Peace with others is difficult, especially if the others have not undertaken the same work as you and are in some way toxic. They are somehow trying to find self-esteem through contact with others when they should have done it with themselves first. When someone doesn’t like themselves, they may engage in malicious or narcissistic behavior. They may enjoy putting others down to make themselves feel better, or they may be aggressive or critical to draw attention to themselves or just to feel strong. You can’t be friends with everyone, but you can share your love with everyone, especially those most in need, and that’s what we call “knowing how to cultivate peace with people”.

Peace with God

Peace with God is the consequence of all the peace obtained so far. If you manage to get closer to God, you will be able to increase tenfold your relationship with nature, with yourself and with others. If we wish to be at peace with God, we must know how to imbue ourselves with him in each of our actions. Thinking about God and acting constantly in remembrance of him is ultimately the way to get closer to him. It is a difficult approach because we may be angry with him or disappointed because he has not brought us what we expected. Peace with God is in itself a way to find peace every moment of the day and no matter what the circumstances.

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