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Sometimes The Most Difficult Thing Is To Forgive Yourself


Unhappy people often have in common that they complain about others. This is only to hide the grievances they have against themselves, the person they hate the most. The harsh tone they may take with others is only a reflection of the unconscious sermon that goes round and round in their head against them. They are not forgiven for their faults, they still blame themselves for their shortcomings, their mistakes, their misunderstandings. Unhappy people have forgotten their true nature, they condemn themselves for wrongs that should not define who they are.

Repentant people ask God or men to forgive them for their faults. They do so because they have accepted the idea that they can be forgiven. Those who are too hard on themselves cannot enjoy the salvation offered by repentance.

Thus, we must always be careful to cultivate a divine love for ourselves and to tell ourselves that if we can sincerely forgive others their faults we can do the same for ourselves.

Every negative emotion that we cultivate against others turns against ourselves and vice versa. To be happy, we must be caring and loving as much as we can. The recipe seems simple but it is difficult to apply because you need to have a big heart that can love despite the daily disappointments, but it is the only way to happiness worthy of the name.

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