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How to convince in writing

Here is a video I came across. It explains the steps to follow in order to sell or convince in writing. This art is called copywriting. It was particularly popular in the United States during periods when the way to prospect for new customers was mainly by mail. Today, everything happens on the internet, of course, but the principles remain the same.

What you will learn in this video are:

  • the 5 steps to follow for any document intended to sell an offer
    • the characteristics of each of these steps
    • the mistakes not to make
  • interesting examples and anecdotes illustrating the different points

The video lasts about 33 minutes, which may be a bit long for you, so I found a solution.

I have designed a summary for you in the form of a mind map. This map will allow you to access the main points of the video in just a few minutes. You will be able to directly learn what you didn’t know and become more convincing in writing.

Here it is: download.

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