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Writing Your Legend


If you were to tell your life story to your grandchildren one day, what would you tell them? Or, if you were to appear before the whole of humanity one day in the twilight of your life, what elements would you insist on? And if you are a believer, what inner dialogue do you have with God and why you did what you did each day?

Destiny rarely follows a straight line. When we look back, we try to find the common thread to find coherence and be able to justify our choices. What if instead of writing in retrospect, we deliberately decided to write our life in a novelistic way so that each day is an epic chapter? To do this, one must be able to define the values according to which one wishes to live. These values must then find an immediate concretization in order to be able to embody them with clarity in daily life.

The difficulty is essential to transform what we are, like the currents that polish the pebbles of a river. Our willpower is limited every day, so we cannot overload ourselves with every challenge that comes our way. Yet, it is appropriate to allocate some of this willpower on a regular basis to overcome the fear we feel when we are apprehensive about a challenge or danger. This anxiety is twofold, it is not only about the danger itself, it is also about the fear of transformation and the uncertainty of becoming the person we will be at the end of this ordeal.

To grow, to mature, to evolve, to strengthen oneself: all this represents efforts and risk-taking. Laziness or the absolute search for comfort pushes us to turn away from the difficulty. Yet, the more we refuse these challenges put in our way, the more we atrophy our identity and the more insecurity becomes our companion on the road.

To write one’s legend is to choose to take a proactive role in one’s life by being either guided by a strong value that inspires us or governed by the search for the divine presence in order to be a servant of it.

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