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Cultivate Your Uniqueness


Your DNA is unique, your childhood and your environment are not an identical copy of another. So why aspire to do the same job as others?

The era of the industrialization of work is coming to an end depending on the country you are in. This apparent threat is actually an opportunity, an opportunity to express who we are through our work: to make a work a work in one’s own image.

You are much more unique than you think, it is your genetic heritage that tells you so. However, the fears of adults with whom we all grew up a little pushed us to choose the reasonable path of conformism. Of course, safety is important, why is it not a shame to go and die with the feeling that we did not live the life that awaited us? Living someone else’s life is reassuring, but it does not fill us up.

These small successive choices made in fear are like the gashes of a scarred face: they make us feel ugly. Whether we are curly or with straight hair, there is a path that is ours and just waiting to be taken. There is no point in clearing oneself by invoking life’s circumstances, your inner voice will always whisper in the hollow of your ear no matter how hard you try to silence it.

No matter how courteous and elegant you may be, if you don’t live your life, this absence will not be able to give the glow to your face of one who knows he is in the right place.

It is up to you to choose to secede and stop your masquerade. Stop trying to please others, live your life as long as it doesn’t harm anyone. You have the right to trade your beauty for security. We all do. Seeking purity is difficult because often we don’t have a role model to follow. However, your full satisfaction will only be expressed when you have chosen a job that will allow you to express your inner beauty. Ideally, a vocation is that job that makes each of your organs vibrate, starting with your heart. When you listen to the path of the search for beauty rather than that of your fears, you will be able to give a new dimension to your existence and can serve as a guide for your loved ones. Only in happiness can happiness be spread.

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