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Are you a carnist without knowing it?

The strength of evil is that it manages to appear invisible to the majority of people

Today’s societies are mostly based on dogmas of which we are not aware. Whether you live in Asia, in the northern hemisphere or on an island, it is likely that you live in a society that ignores a reality or that conceals an entire aspect of its functioning.

Apology of veganism

Warning: Be careful, what you are about to read will most certainly conflict with your beliefs. It is very likely that you will develop a rejection or discomfort for what follows

Veganism is an ideology that is opposed to another that does not give its name: carnism. Veganism advocates the absence of suffering or exploitation of animals of any kind. The way we eat is only one aspect of veganism. In reality, veganism is more about a relationship to the world and to life than it is about the simple act of consuming food or clothing.

You live in a carnivorous world and you ignore it

The world and the societies that constitute it are overwhelmingly carnist, that is, they base their functioning on the cruel exploitation and widespread suffering of most animals. A carnist world assumes that there is no moral problem with consuming animal flesh and that it is impossible to live without it.

Animals do not need us and we no longer need to exploit them

The very existence of most animal biomass is due to its relationship to humans. Wild animals constitute only a tiny part of the total animal biomass.

A world without meat is possible

The carnivorous paradigm is over. We can live healthily without exploiting or consuming animals, several human groups have proven it locally and a part of humanity lives it every day, even though it is scattered all over the world.

The first step in fighting evil is to name it

Eating meat is not neutral. You may feel like you are normal if you eat it, but you are not. You are simply part of the majority and the majority does not mean normal. You have been fed veal kebabs, lamb kebabs or beef burgers. You’ve never been asked and you’ve probably never questioned your consumption. You are carnist if you are not vegan. You are the product of your societal conditioning that refuses to recognize the reality of animal suffering. They hide the slaughterhouses from you, they keep you away from the industrial farms, they call meat what is only animal. Everything is done to make you forget that you are consuming sentient beings endowed with an intelligence, certainly different from ours, but intelligence all the same. We have hidden a reality from you and you have preferred to look away because you do not want your pleasure of eating steaks to be spoiled by an ounce of guilt. You look in the mirror without remorse or regret. Regret for what anyway? The harm you cause, you don’t see it. You have managed to make yourself feel and look good while an entire industry depends on your seemingly innocuous act of filling your shopping cart with meat, eggs and fish.

You are guilty but you don’t know

No one is supposed to ignore the law

No one is supposed to be unaware of the harm they do to others. Your duty as a human being is to raise your consciousness so that you are aware of the suffering you create.

You are responsible for your own consciousness, no one should take on this role for you.

Civilization is a slow process that takes different paths and reaches different levels. The civilizational ideal is the happiness shared by the most people and living beings, one should add. Because of the suffering caused by the carnal industry, we can say that the current level of civilizational development is intermediate and that further efforts could be made to bring all beings to an unprecedented level of well-being. So what are you personally going to do to reduce animal suffering?

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