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Are you ahead of your time?

There are only a few people who have the privilege of being ahead of their time. Roughly speaking, we all live more or less at the same time, and as we get older, we end up being caught up with time and finally living out of step with the others.

To be able to belong to the future, we have to assimilate the past while going beyond the present. So it takes a lot of time to be ahead of your time. If you think you can belong to posterity, start by getting up early.

Distance yourself from your contemporaries

In order to belong to the future, the future must belong to you. To do this, it is necessary to cultivate solitude because otherwise you will be totally shaped by your contemporaries and your environment.

Is it desirable to be ahead of your time?

That’s up to you. If you live in a society where moral standards are really high and you don’t lack anything, then maybe it is not necessary to aspire to be ahead of your time. I would tend to say that the way things are now, there is still a lot of room for improvement from a civilizational point of view. That’s why I think we need people ahead of their time more than ever.

A new era emerges when the level of global consciousness reaches a breaking point

People’s behavior is the result of their level of consciousness. To change a situation, there must be a critical mass of like-minded people whose minds resonate. The French Revolution is in fact the child of the Enlightenment. The Enlightenment was a group of people from the elite who began to question the legitimacy of royal power emanating from the divine. This consciousness, once consolidated, spread to the rest of the population like wildfire.

Awaken your consciousness and you will awaken the consciousness of others

When you do inner work, you emanate vibrations that are capable of transforming others in a way that makes them better. In the presence of someone who is hateful, haven’t you felt hatred or sudden discomfort? It’s the same with other positive emotions, they have the power to change the psychic state of people in a way that makes them a bit like you.

Getting used to being criticized or rejected

If you are not comfortable with being criticized or despised, it will be hard for you to belong to future generations. If you are consensual, chances are you won’t challenge the status quo.

If you think you want to change attitudes, you have to be fundamentally different. You have to make people feel like you’re from another planet. Imagine for a moment that you went back in time, to the Middle Ages to be precise. Imagine the look on people’s faces when they see you come in and listen to you. This is an exaggeration, but you have to get close to that extreme impression. You have to appear to be an alien to them in some ways.

To be able to impact and the world, you have to lower the walls of time

We are attached to an era because it has shaped us and we are a reflection of it. If you want to be ahead of the game, you have to be able to emancipate yourself from the constraints of time, which implies that you think you are outside of time. To do this, you have to imagine your tribe as not belonging to your time but to the one that is coming.

Your books are your friends from the past and future generations are your friends to come

Books are the frozen traces of the consciousnesses of the past. Some great minds can resonate with successive generations, making them timeless.

Find your way to elevate yourself

There are several ways to contribute to the global edifice. The first is to develop your intellect. The second is to develop your heart. The third is to do impressive works and the fourth is to help as many people as possible.

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