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How Can You Exercise When You Don’t Have Time To Do So?

Physical exercise is a major health issue even though many people underestimate its benefits. Sport is our ally for life when it comes to health. Of course, not just any sport and not in any condition. Some sports can indeed be bad for the joints in the long term and others cause irreversible damage to the brain (boxing etc.) if practiced at high intensity or over a long period of time.

Health Is Everyone’s Responsibility

Doctors do their best to care for their patients, but health is a team effort, and the patient has a responsibility. A doctor is like a mechanic, he can’t work miracles if the vehicle is poorly maintained.

How Can I Do Sports Every Day Or Almost Every Day?

As sport is good for your health, if you do it at a moderate intensity, and if you adapt it to your age, there is no risk of doing it every day. Of course, everything you are about to read must be put into perspective through a discussion with your doctor. These are not recommendations to be taken at face value, only you know best.
That being said, you don’t need a daily hour and a gym to practice sports every day. A small amount of time and space may be enough to start a daily practice. The Covid pandemic confinements have shown that it is possible to work out at home without problems.

3 Types Of Training Can Be Considered

You have 3 workouts at your disposal requiring no more than 20 minutes: strength training, cardio (including 5 minutes of warm-up) and stretching.

Strengthening Can Be Done With Body Weight Through Simple Exercises (Push-Ups, Sit-Ups, Pull-Ups Etc.)

Cardio Can Be Done At Home Through Simple Movements, Some Of Which Can Be Borrowed From Combat Sports, Gymnastics Exercises Or Athletic Warm-Ups

You must warm up for at least 5 minutes in the muscles that will be used for the exercise. If you have a sports watch, you can monitor your heart rate in real time. If you are young and athletic, you will need to reach a heart rate of at least 140 beats per minute to consider that you are doing cardio training. For other profiles, you have to do the research yourself online to find out the minimum number.

Stretching Is An Easy And Gentle Way To Work Out At Home. Yoga Can Be A Source Of Inspiration To Find The Stretches That Work Best For You

Stretching is a very simple and gentle form of exercise that helps to increase flexibility and range of motion and improve balance. As well as this, stretching can help to relieve tension in the body and decrease muscle soreness, fatigue and general aches and pains. It can also help to improve posture and breathing, increase blood circulation and reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

Yoga is an excellent source of inspiration for finding stretches that work best for you. Some of the most popular and effective poses in yoga involve stretching and twisting, but there are many more that can help you to target specific muscle groups or to focus on specific areas of the body. Yoga provides both mental and physical benefits, and its practice can help to reduce stress, improve concentration and even enhance relaxation.

When looking for stretches that work best for you, look for movements and poses that target the specific areas of the body you want to focus on, aiming to hold the positions for a period of between 10 and 30 seconds at a time. It is important to keep the body relaxed and breathing deeply throughout the stretches, and to not put too much pressure on your body, as this can lead to injury.

In order to make sure you are stretching properly, it is worth consulting a professional for advice if you have any questions or concerns. They can also help to provide guidance and support in finding the right stretches for you and your individual needs.

Stretching is an easy and beneficial way to work out in the comfort and convenience of your own home, and a great way to bring the benefits of yoga practice into your lifestyle. With a little time and dedication, you can find the right stretches that work best for you and your individual needs, improving flexibility and feeling great.

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