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The Five pillars of life mastery according Tony Robbins

unleashed power

We are what we master. This can be the one sentence summary of “Unleash the Giant within” by Anthony Robbins

According to this inspirational coach, we need to master different areas in our life if we want to progress and reach our ultimate potential


Our emotions shape a huge part our life. We tend to be conditioned by the way we react emotionnaly to a particular event. Being able to control our emotion give us the power to choose the best option allways and to make our reason be the “king in place”. Our emotions can trap us into bad habits, for example associating alcohol with joy can lead to alcoholism. Learn the mecanisms of our own emotions will give power to any one who is ready to study thoroughly.

Physical master

Being heathy and in shape contributes to be a great reservoir of energy for our daily activites. It’s obious, but sometimes, we may neglect this pillar in order to be more focus in our work. This is a short-term approach. Indeed, physical heath is critical to maintain an high level of commitement and productivity in our work. Mastering or at least being educated in nutrition, physical exercice and relaxation will provide hug payoff into your life.


Some people say than being happy can simply mean spending time wtih the ones we love. It’s easy but here also, we tend to neglect the ones who matter the most in order to dedicate time to work. Dedicating time and energy to one’s relatives, friends and other love ones is critical. Being able to maintain good relationships by learning the principles of all healthy realtionships. Those principle are simple : treat people as you want to be treat, always try to understand them first, do judge and try to help and finally make sure a relationship remain good for your own well-being (if not, improve it or leave it). Be a person a value and build relationships upon common values rather than your own interests.


Financial mastery stand for freedom and power. If you chase freedom, you need to get emancipated from money concern by mastering the art underlined of being financialy independent.

Time management

Time is important as well as energy and attention. You may have to spend this ressource diligently if you want to achieve your inner potential.

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