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You spend most of your life dressed as an adult


You spend most of your life dressed as an adult. Monique Corriveau

Monique Chouinard Corriveau is a Quebec writer. She has written several books for young people.

Life is a role-playing game and the one we play most often is to live as an adult. There is little difference between a child and an adult except that the latter has stifled his dreams by being reasonable and responsible.

In other words, one could say that a child is an unbridled adult. Adults believe that they are fundamentally different from children, which is why they develop a strong identity and thus distinguish themselves from them. A child is freer because he or she is somehow detached from the adult’s social function while not taking responsibility for his or her own subsistence. It’s a good bet that if we didn’t have the weight of economic independence on our shoulders, we would have more freshness and creativity throughout our lives. We are growing up to put on the adult suit, which not all of us are ready to do.

We have to understand here that there are in every adult’s head childish or even childish desires that we cannot assume because of our new status. People become too serious out of necessity and also often out of a form of fear. Thus, time can change our appearance and social life can alter our candour, however they will not succeed in destroying the child we have always been and always will be, no matter how many masks we wear. We are born and die as children.

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