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Are Machines a Peril?


Since AI has emerged as the main threat for human employability, we now have to compete with what makes a human a human, which is his capability of thinking. Having an opinion is cheap but having thinking that is clear and deep is critical. We can no longer rely on our skills as trusted assets. We now need to compete efficiently against machines and automatization, we have to be a step ahead in the field of thinking and problem solving.

SSome skills are overated today while others aren’t at all, even though these very skills can compete effortlessly against our “alter-egos”: the machines.

Different stages in the history of AI

We can portray 3 main steps shaping the relation between humans and machines:

Machines are our subordinates

Machines are programmed and designed to serve humans. Their capabilities are limited since their level of cognition is limited. Machines operate like slaves and did not develop their own consciousness.
We are currently living in this kind/type of era, however several companies are preparing us to change to the next stage.

Machines live as free operating systems

Humans and machines work as equal without any submission role. Machines still exist because of its links to humanity.

Machines operate as an independant ecosystem

Motivated by libertarian movements, the human-centred existence of machines is abolished since IA has been aknowledged to be equal human consciousness. Setting free machines could lead to a jeopardy for the whole humanity in the case of reset of moral value provided in the machine intelligence.



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