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Choose your environment, choose who you are

We are the environment in which we evolve. Have you seen a clown fish or 2000 meters deep? There is no such thing. A clown fish, in order to give its best, must live in warm waters filled with corals and sea anemones. Its beauty is made possible by its environment.

Choosing your environment

We can’t choose where we are born, but we can choose certain elements that make up our lives. These choices put together make a significant difference in the long run. Imagine that you always have the possibility of grafting yourself somewhere like a branch grafts onto a tree. Of course the grafting doesn’t always go well, but you can always try to graft yourself to different environments than your own to see what can change in your life.

Learn to desensitize yourself

In order to change, you have to learn to let go of certain habits. When you do this, your brain begins a process of desensitization so that it can graft on something new.

Don’t be afraid to get off

In order to go on an adventure, you should not be afraid to descend into abysses that seemingly take you away from your initial goal. You have to be patient in some way. To climb a mountain, one must accept in certain situations to go downhill before going up again. The shortest way to the top of a mountain often takes the form of a sawtooth.

Digesting disappointments

If you don’t manage to achieve the result you had hoped for, it is normal to give up for a while. It’s normal, it’s just a bad patch, the time to digest the lessons and start again.

Perpetual involutions

To progress, you have to get used to experiencing constant changes. It is only at the end of a series of involutions that one can manifest a true evolution.

Be your own nurturer

As an adult, even if the ties with our family are strong, it is not uncommon to feel alone. That’s why it’s more than essential to take care of yourself, otherwise, there is no guarantee that someone will really come to your rescue. Be your own nanny. Don’t feel guilty about doing it. Only you know yourself so well. It is not selfish to do so, by cultivating your own happiness, you will be able to spread it more easily to others, like a candle shares its flame with all the candles that dare to approach it.

Control one parameter at a time

We can’t control everything. Wanting to be perfect robs us of our right to be vulnerable. If you want to be happy, don’t aspire to excel in all areas. Just try to control one parameter of your life at a time and operate in a cyclical way. For example, you might decide to have the search for family harmony fully in mind one week and then another week, you try to put a focus on the sport you practice. By doing this, you will ensure that you are balanced in your life, without seeking perfection at any given moment.

Practice radical acceptance

We waste a lot of energy not accepting things as they are. It is however paradoxical, to change things, we must first accept them. It is not in denial or refusal that miracles are accomplished. Having a clear eye gives us strength like the sailboat that uses the wind to go forward. It is not by acting in a frontal way that we can transform what surrounds us, we must show an apparent passivity, which is acceptance. Acceptance gives us the strength to then change what surrounds us.

Break the rhythm

If something is blocking in your life, learn to break the rhythm. This involves changing something that may seem central. Breaking the rhythm can take many forms. It can be changing the place where you live, taking a break for several weeks to stop hanging out with harmful people, or taking up a new activity that brings you into contact with new people.

Sharpen your tools

Due to lack of practice, the blades of our tools can become dull. Sharpening our tools allows us to be alert and to take pleasure in what we do.

Hold on to your dreams tooth and nail

You have dreams like everyone else. What differentiates two people is often the ardor with which they hold on to their dreams. If you want to stay happy, always keep a dream in your heart that you will not let others destroy. Don’t tell anyone about it, keep it to yourself.

Don’t be afraid of anything but fear

Fear is rarely a good advisor. If you have to make a choice, choose to move forward with courage and listen to your strength rather than your fears.

Swim against the tide

Try to be rebellious and go against the tide from time to time so you can grow stronger. Only by lifting weights do you build muscle. It is by standing up to others and going against the grain that you become brave. Work and test your will from time to time to keep your mind sharp and straight. Comfort atrophies both will and integrity, so beware of it.

Review your basics often

To get ahead, you need a solid foundation. In the pursuit of being the best, you end up seeking the new and neglecting your basics. Do your best while reviewing your basics. There’s no point in conquering Mars if you can’t put food on your kids’ plates.

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