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What Country Are You Born For?


You were born somewhere and you may simply be unhappy about the place you’re living in. Have you ever thought that the country where you’re living in is comparable as your life partner: you may be made for it or not. Since a country has many characteristics that make it unique (like weather, language, political system, mentalities, wealth, culture, education level, connectivity, economic system, etc.) you may consider exploring other opportunities in which you may feel happier. Before getting married, you need to know the person. Even before this, you have to know who you are. Sometimes, the best way to get to know one’s self is simply to be confronted with something that makes us unhappy, resentful, angry or sad. When such bad emotions arise, we learn what we like before eventually coping with it, which may still give us a feeling of non-satisfaction or incomplete joy. When we gather enough information, we may be surer about the country we want to live in. It’s essential to travel in order to try out our congruence with another environment. Moreover, as we get older, we may evolve and change, which causes questioning regarding the  adequacy  of the place we are living in and who we are.

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