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We Judge A Doctrine By Its Fruits


We might be perplexed and doubtful, are we following the right track? Are we are heading in a direction in which we’re really secure? This occurs when we don’t clearly see our values. When you want to make a decision, you need to do it according to your core values. The problem is that our day-to-day life may divert us from it. We lack of the rituals that could help us to assert our values in our routine. Sometimes, we may simply not be convinced about the values we should stand for.

When such a question occurs, it is important to remember us where do we want to head to. Believing in something has consequences, who else shares the same belief as me? Preferably, it is important to keep in mind several role models whom we could follow. What kind of paths do they live? In what regard  am I ready to pay the same price as they did to live the same kind of life live? What sacrifices have they  made to arrive where they are? What habits do they have in common? Once you’re able to answer all these questions, you may be more certain about your beliefs, since sharing the same beliefs and values will bring the same outcome at in the long-run, it’s just a matter of time. A thought is a seed for  action, and ultimately a destination. That’s the reason why it is really essential to think twice when it comes to the doctrine we wish to embrace. If we are negligent, we may live a life of misfortune.

Each old doctrine or set of beliefs brought to light its consequences to the eyes of others. The problem with some new streams of thought is that they haven’t shown their benefits to the world for a lack of step back. Thus, we should be very cautious or even skeptical when it comes to newborn beliefs,  for example consumerism in which people finally become unsatisfied and frustrated.

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