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Don’t forget the good in people

It is easy to get angry. When someone is mean to us, it becomes almost natural to be equally mean to them. However, the path of revenge is rarely the best one, because it will only make the bitterness that you have failed to transform grow in the hearts of others. You will then become the person you started to hate. To put an end to this infernal cycle, you have to change the way you look at others, and try to see beyond appearances, which are often deceptive. If you are angry, you will spread anger, so why not spread joy and harmony if you wish to reap them in turn?

There is good in the bad even if you have to look longer sometimes

Essentially, this patience to search the hearts of others for qualities is called faith. Faith in goodness and that it somehow manifests itself in the human heart. If you don’t love, you won’t undertake this effort, which can sometimes seem long and painful. However, it is like looking for gold: to find it, you have to sift through kilos and kilos of mud. To transform and improve others, you must become a gold digger of the soul. You must go beyond appearances and disappointments. There will be days when you feel like you’ve worked for nothing, going home empty-handed. There are other days, on the contrary, when you will not have to look long to find a nugget, that is, that light in the soul. To find it, you have to look. But most people lament that they do not find when they have given up looking.

To see, one must turn on one’s own light

Many people complain about the darkness without lighting their own candle. To see the beautiful, we must be able to illuminate others with a little of our own soul’s glow: it is with our own light that we can see the light of the people around us. If you walk in the dark, it is normal to stumble or bump. If you grope your way through, your mind will imagine grimaces, ugliness, because darkness makes our fear grow and fear makes things ugly. To see clearly, we must illuminate with a light called love.

Forget your ego for a moment

Yes, I know, it’s easier to write than to do. Your ego is a layer of separation between you and the world, it distorts who you really are and often it is a mask of ignorance. If you are insulted, you can let your ego run wild for a moment but try to put it aside because you will not be able to work on your patience or your faith. You need difficulty to test and strengthen your love, like love that takes off into the wind. It is by inserting a little love that you can solve a problem. Loving allows you to understand, to empathize and ultimately to gain perspective. By loving, you place yourself as a father or mother. When two children bicker, will a parent want to get into the argument? No, he or she is going to separate them and offer love to both children so that they will calm down.

You want to be beautiful, be good

When you are young, your beauty is given to you by God. When you are old, your beauty is the result of the life you have led. Thoughts influence your appearance as the tail of the snake follows your head. The older you get, the more you will look like your thoughts. You will not be able to hide your true nature, it will be visible like an open book on your face.

That is why you are responsible for your beauty throughout your life. Some people are more spoiled than others at birth, but time generally does its work well and we finally get the face we deserve. Virtue beautifies, vice uglifies. It is as simple as that. There is no need to look for noon at 2 pm, you become what you think. If you behave badly, your youth will only be able to hide your true nature for a while, which is why it is preferable to make the right decisions as soon as possible in order to shine throughout your life.

Why travel to exotic lands?

Before, travel was reserved for an elite. Only the European nobility could afford the luxury of the Grand Tour (which gave its name to tourism), a journey to Mediterranean lands (especially Italy and Greece) full of ancient heritage treasures. Today, we can afford a fabulous trip at low cost. What explains this irresistible desire to leave for the unknown?

Go and find yourself

If you move a plant to a new location, it will have to develop its new qualities to adapt to a different environment. Different sun exposure or changing humidity levels can put a strain on it. However, this modification can make it more resilient and adaptable to future changes. It is the same for humans, when they travel, they must learn to adapt and develop their strength. This situation creates the necessary encounter with oneself. It is in the difficulty that we become aware of our true value and that we test our limits.

Exploration is in our genes

It is through encounters with other tribes that our distant ancestors were able to protect themselves from the horrors of inbreeding. By embodying the spirit of adventure, hominids were also able to discover new plants and animals to hunt. Of course, this curiosity was never without disappointment. There have always been people who have perished from being too adventurous, yet those who have prospered were those who had this spirit of initiative. People who have isolated themselves too much have often run the risk of being technologically overtaken in such a way that they end up being subjugated by others.

Going in search of treasures

Serendipity, as it is called, has always been a catalyst for evolution. It is an ingredient to be measured out like the spices in a dish, at the risk of suffering the consequences of too much boldness and ending up eaten by a lion or poisoned by a wild plant. It is not always easy to place the cursor in the right place. Survival and discovery must be adapted to each individual and each context.

Essentially, travel is part of this anthropological tradition of going out to get what you don’t have at home so that you can thrive and emerge stronger.

When you travel, you pick up ideas, ways of thinking, artistic concepts and so much more. Not to travel is to deprive yourself of a treasure that is available to anyone who takes the trouble to leave home.

The ideal place is where your ideal people are

We often look at the other end of the world for what could be at two steps from our home. An ideal country is a place populated with friends, people we value and who fill us with joy. Of course when we travel, we want to admire beautiful landscapes, but what makes us settle down is more the chemistry we create with people. In the same way, it is the lack of human warmth that often pushes us to be restless.

That’s why leaving doesn’t solve everything, but it does provide an element of response to the problem. We can become aware of the quality of the people we have left or on the contrary relativize on their true value. To want to leave is to go in search of one’s adopted tribe. One does not choose one’s family, but one can decide to recreate another tribe made up of friends whom one wishes to help and whose presence one appreciates, whether it is virtual or real.

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