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To Fix A Problem, You Need To Rise

Often, when we try to solve a problem, we tend to overthink it and focus all our attention on it.  However, it seems that being obsessed by it doesn’t give a lot of results. What if the solution dwells in the search for elevation? What is it? Basically, it means either improving on the intellectual, emotional or moral (even spiritual) aspects. But getting better on one or more combined fields raises your level of consciousness which enables you to find solutions more easily.

When you meet some challenges at work or at school, generally, the solution is simply getting better at one or several subjects. Indeed, when you study hard for one topic, you develop the capacity to solve problems that are not directly related to this very topic. In a way, one needs to be slightly detached from his or her problems to tap into inspirational thoughts that could come from other areas of knowledge.

Likewise, being able to better manage one’s emotions prevent one from suffering the consequences of being dominated by them. Sometimes, the practice of meditation, martial arts of any other body and mind activity can help drastically in this field. When you become slightly more detached from your emotions (generally the bad ones), your vision becomes clearer and you are able to identify the possible solution more easily 


Finally, having a rise of spirituality or morality can foster your wisdom to solve most of your problems. We don’t realize that we are often the very source of our problems, due to a lack of education, awareness or discipline. Once, we take the resolution to act upon those flaws, we’ll be amazed to see how efficient we can be, as well-summarized by Albert Einstein : “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”
One another corollary of this quote would be “To gain height one must be able to get detached from a problem”.

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