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Trade Your Time For Meaningfulness Not For Business


We are taught since a young age that we need to succeed in our life, this explains why we have become obsessed by success while forgetting what is really important. Gurus from any media insist on the pursuit of money which can lead to lasting happiness. That’s partly true, you need to have a certain degree of financial success to be independent. However, this search shouldn’t blind us to what really matters to us. We all have our own definition of success that is a recipe of various parameters composed of family, love, health, traveling, friendship, sense of contribution, material power etc. One shouldn’t be dictated another’s definition of success, this is something personal that everyone should think deeply about even though we can get inspiration from other sources or say elsewhere.

By following the blur idea of success of others we might simply suffer and feel unsatisfied because this quest is simply not aligned with what we deeply believe. This is why it is essential to pay close attention to the harmony between ourselves and our environment. When we endure long periods of disharmony, it can affect our happiness and create a loss of meaning in life. Meaningfulness must be your number one priority. Even if you’re having a hard time, you need to know where you’re heading to. Working long hours, being away from one’s family can be meaningful if the price we are paying is compensated by long-term payoffs. The problem is when we spend years after years building a career, we might not be aware of the irreversible after effects. For example, it is hard to fix a relationship between a son and his father who was absent during his childhood because of his job. Having priorities and not being trapped by the fuzziness is key to know what decisions to take.

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