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The Importance Of Philosophizing Every Day


To philosophize is to try to elevate one’s thinking by devoting one’s cognitive resources to objects that are both more conceptual and profound (cf. article on the levels of discussion). It forces us to take height while asking ourselves the most essential questions of our existence. It is a habit to integrate ideally into one’s daily life in the manner of a king who reconsiders the vocation of his empire.

To philosophize is to dare to question the permanent. It is to see oneself with the perspective of the long time. It is to think of oneself as a human being instead of a productivist machine. It is to reconnect to our deep nature which makes us question the very foundations of life. It is to get rid of vain attachments. It is no longer to see our environment as a playground or battlefield, but rather as material for reflection. It is to distance ourselves from the world by taking it as an object. It is to take that step back that allows us to see more clearly and to have a real critical sense on the trajectory of our life.

To philosophize is to adopt the approach of the great figures of the past. It is to see moments of crisis as opportunities to question everything. It is not necessarily to anticipate things, but rather to give them meaning and value, even though this may seem painful.

To philosophize is not to try to understand everything, but rather to leave open questions whose answers will germinate with time. It is to look at ourselves in the mirror without judging ourselves while trying to pierce the secrets of who we are and of our relationship to the world.

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