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Do A Fantastic Thing Every Day


Are we making good use of our time? This is perhaps the question we ask ourselves most often. Here’s a different way to answer it. Instead of trying to make every second of your life a moment of optimization, settle for doing one great thing every day. Why do this?

Because the feeling of such an accomplishment radiates your day with good vibes that carry you to your best self. After this daily feat, you can rest on your laurels (in fact it will simply be the contrast between the effort you put into this challenge and the usual rhythm that appears to be calmer). Once you have accomplished a challenging action, you will be able to find serenity for the rest of your day.

What is a great action?

It is an act that pushes you to your limits, that, as they say, takes you out of your comfort zone. Beyond taking you out of your comfort zone, it has real meaning for you and develops an aspect of your life that you care about. You’re not just doing something difficult because you’ve been told to do it. No, you are doing something that defines you in some way, that is the path to your higher self that you are striving toward.

What are the dimensions of life to develop?

We could say that there are four main aspects that qualify our being (not what we have), namely the mental (intellectual, skills etc.), the emotional, the spiritual or the physical. There is also the social dimension, but it is somewhere between the self and others. It is advisable to perform a great act in one of these aspects per day only and to try to vary a little the dimension of our being that we wish to test. These 4 aspects are important since they constitute your strength and give you resilience in the face of change. Of course, there is a bit of all 4 elements in every great act, so if you want to run a marathon, it is not only the physical that is involved, but your mental, emotional and spiritual resources will also be engaged. Nevertheless, there is most often a dominant element in each act.

What might be some examples of acts to perform?

Here are a few for each dimension of being:

mental: reading a book and summarizing it

emotional : painting for 6 hours to finish a picture

spiritual : meditate for two hours

physical : swim 3 kilometers

These are only examples. It is up to you to carefully select the great action that fits you and that serves as a guide to bring satisfaction and joy to your days. One indication that you are on the right track is the feeling of well-being that comes from accomplishing this action. Whether it’s cold or hot, fall or spring, there is always a way to do something dazzling. Ideally, you should perform this type of action in your work. This would help make it more meaningful and connect you with it.

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