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Every Day Is A Life

There is morning, afternoon, evening and night. There is birth, adulthood, old age and death. A life and a day are alike. We have as much to learn from our day as from life. What if approaching the day as we approach life could help us live better?

The Day Is Precious

If life is precious, it is because it is made of a continuity of equally precious elements: the days. Someone who succeeds in his life is above all the one who will have succeeded in making the best possible use of this time through each of the days he has at his disposal like the others.

A Balanced Day And Life

In the end, what makes one happy is to have had the opportunity to discover and deepen the various dimensions of one’s being: physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual. In order to do this, one must ideally have a day that has each of these dimensions.

Structure Your Day To Reach Your Full Potential

It is not always easy to have a balanced day. Sometimes, it is indeed more efficient to have a balanced week, the weekend allowing you to do what you could not do during the week. However, if we manage to create a balance in our daily life, we can approach the weekend with much less frustration.

How Does This Work In Practice?

It implies to have reserved moments in your day for each category.

Learning To Die

Living comes down to knowing how to die. To live one’s day as it should be, is to go to bed with peace of mind. It is to have worked on all the dimensions of one’s being and to go to sleep happy.

The Day Is The Milestone Of Our Projects

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. The realization of a major project occurs because we have been able to validate the hundreds of necessary milestones. To achieve something ambitious, you have to start with something small. The cumulative effect (snowball effect) occurs when one has been able to continuously make an effort. The day is the basic unit to evaluate the continuity of our efforts.

The Day Is A Reflection Of Who You Are

It is difficult to know who you are. Yet there is a simple way to find out. Man being a being of habits, it is enough to look at what are the actions which compose our daily life and you will have a representation not only faithful of who you are but also of who you will become.

To Change Your Life You Have To Change Your Day

For all these reasons it is clear that the day has great power to bring about change. If you are not satisfied with your current situation, you can transform your life by being uncompromising about the activities you do each day. The change is undertaken by a minor action that you do systematically during your day. The cumulative effect will then work in your favor. Please introduce each new daily action after the previous one has had enough time to settle in. It is like planting seeds and watering them: the plant must be strong enough to start planting another one and repeat the process.

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