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How To Live With Absence?


This cherished parent, gone without saying goodbye. This eternal love, which nevertheless goes away, leaving an emptiness that silence fills with gravity. This look that we will never meet again. Those sweet words of yesteryear whose echoes warm and chill us at the same time. These tender moments that we replay, like vestiges of a time now distant. This memory that fades, like a night dream. These smiles that we remember like a talisman that could give us this happiness lived. This gleam in the eyes that we look in vain in the mirror. This shadow of the past that we chase like an abandoned animal. These ephemeral joys that are gone forever. This prose of our dialogues that we ruminate like a dull music. This fatal affection that we keep like a strange burden.

How to continue to live when the other is no longer there?
Whether in love, friendship or family, separations or mourning create a void whose meaning is not always easy to extract. It is difficult to continue one’s life while taking the absence as a companion. These thoughts that we formulate as virtual conversations lock us further into a solitude whose outcome is only more uncertain. However, this memorial work is essential. It connects us to the loved one and prolongs the path that fate has closed. To live and to be concerned about our deceased years is essential to maintain this imaginary thread which links us to what we were. To continue to be, we must have been.

The absence, we must accept it, like this bowling pin that refuses to fall. The links that unite us to this person will never be broken, as long as we accept to make and see this absence as the silent and sacred memory of a salutary or happy time.

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