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Relationships Are Built With The Regrets Of The Previous Ones


Love break-ups are never really easy. Yet they are an inexhaustible source of learning. Pain can be a good counsellor. That’s why separations can teach us a lot about who we are and who we could be, but we need to take the time to learn the lessons of separation. They serve as guides, they force us to amend ourselves, to find the truth within ourselves, to seek purity. For a relationship to be definitively completed in our hearts, there must be both gratitude for the lessons learned combined with the promise not to make the same mistakes again. Much of what we do, especially in terms of our life choices, is dictated by regret for the mistakes we make. For example, a mother who has found herself being a bit hard on her first child will tend to treat subsequent children more leniently and gently. The same is true for her life partner, if we have been selfish, for example, we will think that this may have contributed to the cause of the separation. Chances are that in the next relationship, you will be aware that you are not being selfish and will even do so out of regret that you did not measure up in the previous one. Thus, any new relationship, whether friendly or amorous, is built on the previous ones, but it is still necessary to have a certain amount of humility to question oneself and to accept a necessary and salutary period of solitude.

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