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In Order To Make The Right Decisions, You Need To Take The High Road


You have most certainly found yourself in a situation where you doubted which path to take. Moments of doubt should be seen as opportunities to gain height by connecting with high energies. When you make a decision in a low energy state, it is like planting a seed in hostile soil.

Often it is best to refrain from making a decision until you have connected with a purer and more harmonious energy. The chaos of daily life prevents us from seeing clearly. Everyday life can drain our energy, which is why it is wise and even vital to recharge our batteries before making decisions that will have an impact on our future. It is important to find a routine that will allow you to fill up with good vibes every day. For some it will be a walk in nature, for others it will be a prayer, meditation or an inspiring discussion with a friend. Find your subtle fountain of energy, go and drink from it every day so that your decisions are in harmony and joy. In the long run, it is only decisions made in fear, jealousy or anger that you regret, never those made with faith and love.

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