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Morning Satsang


The sun has always been the object of veneration by the ancient peoples. It is much more than a star at the origin of life on earth, it symbolizes one of the manifestations of the divine in the cosmos.
The sun “speaks” to us every day as long as we have the will to get up early. Indeed, with its morning rays, it irradiates our body with a presence that offers us both calm and inspiration. The auroral solar rays are like a rain of fine particles which come to nourish our spirit and our soul in the manner of a leaf which absorbs this light to transform it into chlorophyll.

We function like a plant, we need to draw from the cosmic rays in order to transform them into ideas, joy or to awaken our vitality. The sun offers us a daily tonus, free of charge, within everyone’s reach. Every day, it organizes a silent satsang*. It is not necessary to understand Sanskrit or any other language to grasp its meaning. It speaks a universal message that can be interpreted by all entities that are exposed to it.

satsang* (according to Wikipedia)
Satsanga (Sanskrit Sat = truth, absolute reality, Brahman. Saṅgha =company, union, assembly, gathering.), means “to be in the company of truth,” and by extension “company of the wise” or “company of the truth that is in oneself” or “gathering the true in oneself.” The term refers to the assemblies that form around a guru whose teaching is based on the principles of non-duality. There may be discussions, moments of silence or meditation. The term distinguishes these meetings from the more formal ones that take place in religious buildings.

Literally, it means to be perpetually in the company of the Supreme Lord or to be established in Brahman; it also means to prefer the company of sages, emancipated men or women and advanced disciples.

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