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How Conscious Are We Of Our Own Consciousness?


Life dynamics and unconsciousness

Life has a dynamic that bonds all the particles into a harmonious way, so that every particle would affect and would be affected by others. No matter, you are sleeping on your bed or you are running by the shore, there are always natural uncontrolled processes going on inside your body and they push you completely instinctively toward needs, likes and dislikes.

Movement, the essence of life story

Looking at the sea waves and feeling the breeze of wind on one’s skin, watching a bird surfing up in the air with wide open wings, a corps of cats on the sidewalk. How could you distinguish the flow of life or the aliveness or death of objects? Movement in at least 4 dimensions would be the answer.

Identity of ego

Then it comes the identities layer after layer covering the spring of life flowing in our body. And with each education or better to say contamination, the pure light that shines through our being gets filtered and we would be left in the shadow of ourselves.

Enlightening moments

While walking in our shadow, there are miraculous events or moments, piercing through our filters reaching out directly to the source of the same fire they are emitting from. And we would rejoice at this moment as the moment of reunion of two old friends. Such a bliss that would be.

Back into earth or falling down

Would it be the happy ending of the story of life? Fortunately or unfortunately, this is the beginning after thousands of ends for the wave to join the sea and this is the truth that gives life meaning and dynamism. We will experience the falls again and again. This paradise is not a place for permanent tenting, but a passage decorated with thousands of colors and stories, a place to spend a few nights.

Who we truly are?

This question remains unanswered, if you won’t try to make an immediate answer to please yourself and if you get used to the flames of burning fire inside you in search of truth, and if you’d not hang on the temporary delights. Let us not seal the seeking spring with a pre-prepared answer. Let this fire of passion burn everything that is impure and unconscious in us. Finally, let us sell our cleverness and buy bewilderment as Rumi said.

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