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Lost In The Desert


The fate of millions of people remains suspended on the vagaries of governmental measures whose conclusions are themselves based on the estimated risks incurred by an unprecedented pandemic. The breath we have been holding for these long months can hardly erase the anguish of a nebulous future.

The masses clamor in front of the television sets waiting for a promising news. Can we really live in suspense? What will be remembered from these months or even years spent languishing? What story will we tell to future generations? Is there a way to take the lead and stop drifting in a disillusioned ocean?

This anguish that has overtaken us all one day or night is not without its lessons. It shows us the need to take action even though this option seems impossible. Anxiety is both the fear of the future to which is added inertia and even a form of lethargy.

When we are lost in a sea of sand, the worst decision to make is to stop moving forward because this condemns us to certain death. To move is the only condition to survival, this one is not assured but this chance exists all the same. How to do when one can neither read the stars nor the flight of birds in the sky to find a good direction? Finding a watering place and settling there for the duration of a sandstorm is essential, but how do you get there? Maybe we have to make a risky choice and stick to it at all costs. Choose a direction without deviating for as long as possible. It’s a risky bet, but it’s the only one that gives a favorable outcome. In concrete terms, in times of crisis, this means deciding to acquire a new skill, ability or knowledge in such a way that it will be in demand when or even before the end of this bad period. One must follow one’s instincts and continue to believe as much as a caravanner who is disoriented while contemplating an endless desert.

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