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Your Seed Is Precious

It takes a lot of effort for the body to produce human seed. The Indians call the male seed “oja,” which means sap. Much of the spiritual and philosophical translations were intended to give another expression to sexual energy. This is why the figure of the ascetic is present in both philosophers and monks. To produce a replication of our DNA is costly in energy as it is costly for trees to secrete their precious liquid. That is why having some restraint in the use of your seed can help you conserve important energy.

Finding Ways To Conserve Energy

Everything today is pushing us to give in to the temptation to waste our semen, whether it’s through sex or masturbation. The hypersexualization of society is partly responsible for this. Sex has become an important status issue. Performance takes various forms: economic success or sport for example. Sex does not escape this competition. To avoid falling into the trap, we must give back to sex the sacredness it deserves.

One Of The Ways To Avoid Wasting Your Sexual Energy Is Sublimation

The sublimation of sexual energy is an important concept that often gets overlooked or misunderstood. Sublimation is the process by which something of a lower form or energy is transformed or transmuted into something of a higher form or energy. In this case, it is the conversion of sexual energy, commonly thought of as a physical or passionate force, into a more creative or spiritual form.

There are many ways to sublimate sexual energy. Art, sport and spirituality are all ways to transform this energy into something that’s more productive, freeing it from its instinctual drive. Yoga poses and practices are particularly beneficial for this type of transformation. By focusing on physical movements rather than sexual fantasies and urges, the individual is able to redirect their energy into something more useful.

Sublimating sexual energy is more difficult when our thoughts are dominated solely by sensuality. It can be tempting to give in to the instinctual drive for physical pleasure, but this ultimately wastes the energy rather than transforming it. If we can manage to resist this temptation and recognize the higher possibilities of our energy, we can begin to tap into its fullest potential.

In summary, sublimation of sexual energy is a powerful process that can transform the instinctual physical drive of our sexuality into something of a higher form or energy. Whether it be through art, sport, spirituality or other practices, it is possible to sublimate sexual energy and make use of its potential rather than wasting it through physical pleasure.

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