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Why Tomorrow Belongs to Social Entrepreneurs

Social business

We are born to be entrepreneurs

Humanity has almost always been made up of independent workers, whether through hunting, gathering, crafting or war(via mercenaries). It is only very recently that men have been employed by other men.
We are not genetically born to be employees. The Darwinian evolution gives us a strong aversion to risk, and thus we are inclined to be driven towards stability and security. Yet, being employed does not satisfy our need of freedom, which is inherent in all humans’ lives.

To help us as social beings

Human survival has often been linked to the ability to help and cooperate. The highest step  in A.Maslow’s Scale Of Needs is self-realization. This need refers to being connected and having a sense of contribution to the world. What often limits us in our work, even when our basic needs are met, is the unability of doing what we really want. One is expected to follow a hierarchy, to respect a framework, whereas this can be stifling in the long-run. It is only when a person gets his freedom will he feel the need to help others.

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