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Why Should We Love Anyway?


We may be inclined to suspicion and mistrust based upon our previous experiences. We are taught to be careful in case something bad happens. Such an attitude may condemn us to lose our sovereignty by giving up our peace of mind. Trying to comply with most widespread social norms could mislead us about the meaning of true human nature. Expecting evil from our interactions with others can lead to the reinforcement of letdowns and disappointments, and keeping us in a state of mind filled with fear and anxiety. For sure, we shouldn’t put ourselves in a situation where we become vulnerable and at risk. However, maintaining thoughts of distrust can easily reinforce rigidity and lower our level of vibration which actually leads to more fragility. Being able to fill our mind with positive and resourceful ideas is the first requisite of outer resilience and strength.

Nurture our strength

Adhering to a philosophy which prevents us from falling into the circle of negativity is essential. Constantly/ engaging our mind with ideas that can generate inner harmony  may help us with opening ourselves to the search for goodness in others, despite the apparent negativity of someone. Basically, being able to look for the good in others, and finding it, is one of the definitions of love or virtue.
One cannot be strong if one hasn’t worked on his own to build a solid mind, and therefore an unshakable attitude.

Charity comes out of abundance. Being trustful often comes from being trustworthy. Being trusting isn’t a synonym of blindness, but a sign of altitude or elevation of the mind. The more we are serene and at peace with ourselves, the more we are able to trust and be trusted. We can love despite the flaws of someone’s personality. It doesn’t seem logical but it’s the only way to make a positive contribution through our existence. Love is indeed a state of mind, an action and a choice not a reward for someone’s behavior.

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