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Why Do We Appear Naive When We Are Benevolent?


People who evolve on different emotional levels in their daily lives cannot understand each other, those who are higher feel compassion towards those who feel lower energies while the latter despise them.

Goodness is seen as naive by the ignorant because their vision is narrow, they live in scarcity, in a win-lose dualism. The dryness of their hearts blinds them and prevents them from seeing that a moment of generosity can come from abundance in a win-win relationship.

The keep-lose ideology leads to fear or hatred since others are seen as a threat. Whoever fails to recharge his or her batteries in spirituality, whose energy potentials are infinite, is forced to see the world in material finitude. The one who cannot recharge his or her batteries at the divine source is limited by the world here below, which may seem hostile to him or her because it seems that many people share a limited territory and resources. This inability to draw on divine forces leads to a predatory attitude towards the environment and people.

Thus, when we are unaware that energy can be infinite, it seems stupid and even dangerous to be good and generous because we can find ourselves at the mercy of profiteers who will rejoice in our credulity. But the latter are unaware that true goodness expects nothing in return, it is unconditional, it is an emanation of the heart, it is the consequence of a pure life connected to transcendence.

This explains why it is vain for someone to understand the magnanimous if he does not make the effort himself to raise his consciousness. Without this effort, he will be mistaken, his judgement will be misguided by his own being. Without knowing the cause one can only ignore the consequence.

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