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What Is The Essence Of Life? Happiness Or Sadness


The idea of being happy or being at peace at every moment of your life while being in an unending struggle to keep these two treasures is a practiced way of living everywhere. We are afraid of sad moments and would try to keep as far away from grief as possible. We are also afraid of sad and afflicted people, and of failure.

How could we find peace and happiness in this unending combat? Should we despise the sad feelings and memories or should we get nervous when we fall into this well? Is happiness a state that we should try to keep? Is sadness or happiness the reality underneath this life?

Life is a set of contradictions, when we name them. Sadness-Happiness, Wealth-Poverty, Compassion-Anger,…, Life-Death.
We get stuck into this maze, when we take a lust of tags and try to put a tag on each new feeling or event we experience. Indeed, we are looking at the nodes of a huge carpet while trying to make sense of the whole. That is the play of the human mind, and that’s the point these contradictions arise.

In fact, it is good to know the function of components, but the problem is when we forget the function of the whole. We simply forget that no component can be defined separately from the other components. And by doing this we are moving away from understanding the meaning of the whole.

Keeping in mind that our mind is still under evolution and could not grasp the higher dimension of what it belongs to, It would be the beginning of doubting our experiences when we follow them with a limited number of labels.

The best practices could be:

  1. Trying to see the truth of things, emotions and beyond emotions, without naming them first.
  2. Dedicating oneself to the flow of life, whether seemingly happy or sad moments, and allowing life to shape the steel of our existence alternately in fire and water.
  3. Not being afraid of not having a pre-prepared response to events, and being eager to learn from the dynamic flow of life.
  4. And finally, let us not see ourselves as separated particles from the whole, and let’s believe that we are not going to bear the burden of decisions, and the control of life alone; Rather, we are part of a conscious whole on the path to excellence.

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