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Were Schools Invented To Substitute Families?


More and more societies get westernized This trend is not only the result of the economy or technologies. On the pillar of westernization of non-western countries is done through the education system. Did you know that before the democratization of education, family was the main institution to train people for a job. This explains why countries like India were cast structured. Indeed, in the absence of a network of school or university, family enabled professional (parents) to train apprentices (children). Through the dominance by western countries of most emerged land in the 19th century, colonized countries adopted a new society system in which school played a critical role. Through school western metropolises were able to distract children and young adults from the authority of the family. This fact explains the rapid change of mentalities of countries which were not long ago quite conservative (i.e Japan, India, Iran etc.). Should we worry about this fact? I don’t really know. Westernization could have a positive effect; however, it produces an acculturation of populations who forget their own traditional culture. This being say, a trend occurred recently which is the one of the emergences of campus to study at university. By doing this, Non-Westerners somehow experiment what is the bachelor’s life in which they are not engaged neither under the supervision of their parents. It could be progressist but we don’t really know if this trend may affect the strength of familial value (this occurred in all western countries). For example, people in the US tend to be driven by the idea of freedom which is in opposite with the idea of security or responsibility. Indeed, divorce rates have surged in the recent decades showing that family is an institution in jeopardy. If there is no change in another direction, all countries might be in the same situation. We won’t say that is good or bad, it’s a tough question. Nonetheless, kids suffer from that situation and the all society is weakened by the weakness of its family component.

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