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The Four Ways Of Giving Birth

give birth

Your child is not necessarily of your blood

Parenting seems to be an important stage in someone’s life. Unfortunately, not everyone is honored with such a gift. Indeed, many people strive to have a child or simply adopt one and are unsuccessful in this undertaking.

So should they be sadden by this incapacity or maybe take a time to reflect on other ways to “give birth”?

Not necessarily. Indeed, there are other approaches to parenthood. First of all, can we really consider a father who abandoned his child to be his real father? Probably not.

There are actually four ways to give birth to someone. The first is physical, the second is emotional, the third is intellectual, and the last is spiritual.

We tend to recognize someone’s son by the similarities of his or her traits compared to his or her parents. But what if we can make a comparison on a subtler level.

Won’t you say that a writer is able to influence his or her audience who gets closer to him or her on an intellectual and emotional level?

Nowadays, influence is one essence of the parenting role. A parent is a parent for his or her capacity to influence his or her children. The same applies to any role models. A singer has a superficial influence on masses, because this influence is mainly emotional. There is a wide array of ways to influence, the higher it is the subtler it becomes. When you choose to have a legacy, you can do it with you blood, your mind, your emotions or your soul. Thus, a priest is celibate because he believes he doesn’t need to have a child since his occupation is to be a parent of a whole community. When a Buddhist monk is on his own or in a congregation in a temple, he may just be in touch with its peers. However, the simple fact he is working of the purification of his mind and soul may influence and give peace several kilometers around him by emanating pure vibes*.

*Sources : Effects of Group Practice of the Transcendental Meditation Program on Preventing Violent Crime in Washington, D.C.: Results of the National Demonstration Project, June–July 1993 :

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