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How not to go crazy?

I warn you I don’t have a clear answer, there are professionals for that. Nevertheless, we can explore together some tracks. First of all, it is good to remember that we think most often to limit our psychological suffering. There are different mechanisms that are put in place by our brain and that serve to find a circuitous route in our thoughts so that we see things differently. These mechanisms have different names, we can talk about intellectualization, sublimation for example. The list is rather long, you can find the details by consulting the books devoted to psychoanalysis. Let’s first look at an idea that is esoteric to say the least: the surplus of masculine or feminine energy. Understand, there is a dominant energy in us, generally, it is linked to our biology. A man will naturally have a rather masculine energy while on the contrary a woman will express herself more through a feminine energy. From this yin-yang approach, i.e. Taoist, someone is balanced when he manages to express these two types of energy or when he is in contact with an opposite energy. A certain suffering appears when one is unable to do either. In this regard, an excess of yang can cause certain tendencies such as a form of violence or other aspects characteristic of masculine energy. Conversely, someone who is too oriented towards yin energy may express their frustration in other ways. Let’s see how to fight against these imbalances and the discomfort they cause

Engage in activities corresponding to the opposite side

Yin activities

If your yang level is too high, it is recommended that you make a list of activities that are polarized on the yin side. It is up to you to choose the ones that interest you. The yin energy is characterized by interiority such as reading, helping others or communicating.

Yang activities

Conversely, someone who is overflowing with yin should engage in yang activities that are primarily associated with action, exploration or construction.

Getting in direct contact with the desired energy

A natural tendency would be to go directly for the desired energy by contacting people with the desired complementary energy, most often corresponding to those of the opposite sex. This can be done through all the senses (tactile, sight etc.). Sexual desire is a sign of this desire.

Finding meaning through faith

Another way to combat the loss of meaning that can lead to a form of madness is to maintain a faith in a higher existence that you will call as you wish. If you have faith you are more likely to find meaning in difficult situations.

The earth as a space for evolution

What characterizes life on earth is perhaps the existence of evil. In contact with it, a feeling of revolt can arise. In itself, the earth represents a place of personal improvement. By confronting evil, we can develop a certain wisdom if we do not let ourselves be overcome by it. Evil creates a form of suffering and this suffering can be fruitful for those who know how to exploit it. The earth is not only a place of pleasures, it is above all a place where we make a short passage to learn lessons that we could hardly have learned otherwise.

Evil digs into our soul

We must not look for suffering, life is such that suffering always comes to us without our having asked for anything. We must take advantage while knowing that we will learn through a form of suffering. The sooner we can recognize a way to progress, the sooner we can limit the pain we feel. Wisdom softens our experience.

We are all a little crazy

What is a little reassuring is to say that we are all more or less affected by madness. Since life does not always have an obvious meaning for everyone, we can say that our behaviors are marked by a certain neurosis. This allows us to put our own situation into perspective.

Writing to heal your mind

Writing regularly can help you feel better. By writing, we allow what hurts us to come out and finally, it takes a weight off our shoulders. Writing is a kind of psychoanalysis for the poor. For those who cannot talk to a professional about their concerns in this area, there is always a simple way to confide even if there is no feedback.

Talk to someone

Talking to a non-judgmental friend can obviously be a good way to get rid of a burden and see things more clearly. Of course, you have to choose the right person, which is not always easy.


A change of location is often a good way to get rid of dark thoughts. Suffering often comes from a comparison game. When you move to another country, these comparisons are less powerful because you are in contact with people who do not have the same lifestyle or value system. Furthermore, it is not uncommon to feel closer to people who don’t share our experience. Traveling helps to reduce the judgment of others as well as the judgment you have of yourself.

Doing nothing

Overwork can have near insane effects. Working too much doesn’t help you have clarity. It is essential to take breaks and allow yourself to do nothing. It is by doing nothing from time to time that we find answers to deep questions. Wanting to optimize your time at all costs could be assimilated to an escape from yourself or from your problems.

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