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How Can We Make Love The First Principle Of Our Life?


Love in the Christian sense is the expression of an emanation, of a vibration coming from within and projecting itself outside. It is above all a level of consciousness that does not depend in any way on the object of love. Thus, if we choose to live according to Christian love, we should love indiscriminately the beings who come our way since this love is unconditional. Of course, this level of love is the highest because it is difficult a priori to love someone who is not endowed with the qualities we value. Christian love is first worked on alone. Prayer allows us to connect to cosmic energy, provided we are willing to draw on it.
We are like rechargeable battery lamps, we can light up the world with our light as long as we regularly recharge ourselves with the universal source. Without this habit of purification offered by prayer, we would not be able to love for long and we would end up exhausted from our days. We are free to choose the ideal moments for these spiritual recollections. Often, it only takes a few minutes of repeated prayer at different times of the day to feel energized again. Prayer is the hygiene of our spiritual body, it cleanses our impurities in the same way as brushing the physical body. Let’s not neglect this dimension in our life because we would miss many benefits, the first ones being a certain serenity and a new harmony with the world around us. Prayer brings clarity where we previously saw only chaos or agitation.

In Hinduism, there are several paths of liberation called yoga. One of them is karma yoga, the yoga of detached action. If you decide to live by the principles of this yoga, you may decide to make your actions offerings to the divine. Karma yoga is about making your daily life a constant offering to God by constantly remembering him. It is a difficult yoga because it involves a high degree of spiritual dedication. Karma yoga is in itself a yoga of love, as the action is performed infused with divine love. Yet, if you choose to live by it, you will be able to work almost without exhaustion, your body, mind and spirit being fully immersed in self-sacrifice before God.

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