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Fighting depression


It is sometimes difficult to get back on track. We feel caught in a spiral that keeps pulling us down despite our best efforts to get out of it. What can we do when what surrounds us has a negative effect on our lives? Should we persevere in a path if it seems to be going nowhere?

First and foremost, before throwing in the towel to go elsewhere, we need to make a decision with two important ingredients: clarity and positivity.

What pushes us to give up is often because of a difficult and fleeting moment when we are on the right track, but we have lost sight of it. To really make the right choice, we must know how to distance ourselves from the situation, to take our head off the handlebars.

Recharge your batteries

To make the best decision, we need to have presence of mind and all our moral resources. It is in a moment of despair that we make regrettable choices.

Surround yourself well

This is easier said than done. When you have been immersed for years in a form of solitude or depression, it is difficult to get your head above water. The people around us do not always know how to take the lead because they do not see our suffering. This lack of sensitivity can block us, and we end up emptying our surroundings even though we could be making a positive contribution to their lives.

Giving meaning to our actions

Since it is difficult to live in absurdity, it is more than essential to give meaning to the smallest of actions that we perform daily. The search for meaning is what motivates existence. Finding a coherent cause in relation to our set of values is the ideal way to reconnect with ourselves.

Start a circle of positivity

Start with a small act of courage

To act with courage is to act with love, which connects us to the etymological meaning of the word (“courage” coming from “heart”). To act with courage, we must reconnect with our nobility, the sacredness within us, the love we can project around us.

Thinking with love

If we sink into negativity, it is often because we think with a filter that makes us see the world in black and white. To change this, we must “wash” the lens that makes us see the world. To do this, there is nothing better than to think and act with love. When you do it sincerely, just a little bit, you magically “turn the engine” again. Love drives out hate and all sad passions like bug spray drives out mosquitoes from a room.

Establish good habits

A good habit guarantees a certain level of well-being below which you should not fall if you maintain it. When you have achieved one of your daily good habits, you start a positive chain that can take you to new heights.

Allocate resources for good habits

When you want to create good energies on a daily basis through the materialization of habits, you must be able to devote sufficient resources (time and energy) to them. You must therefore make them priorities. To do this, it is necessary to structure your day so that these resources are available, most often in the morning.

Take the bull by the horns

When we leave a problem aside, it tends to grow and occupy more and more space in our mind. In order to destroy these “programs” that are running in the background of our minds, we need to neutralize them by putting a plan in place to combat them. Most problems cannot be solved with a snap of the fingers. However, if you take a little action each day to eliminate the problem, you will gradually shed a burden.

Prioritize the problems

It is likely that your problems are governed by Pareto’s law. 20% of them cause 80% of your anxiety or worries of any kind. It is not uncommon that by eliminating one problem, you have eliminated the main cause of your anxiety, as if you had removed the little pebbles at the bottom of your shoe that were bothering you. That’s why it’s more than important to tackle the problems that generate the most tension. Of course, if the task seems too daunting, you can start with smaller issues to build confidence and momentum.

Remind yourself of the reasons you have to be proud of yourself

When we’re not feeling well, we often forget what our qualities are. We become obsessed with our faults, which hide all the qualities we have. To solve a problem, we need love, this love often comes from the love we have for ourselves. It is therefore essential not to lose self-esteem, it is an essential element to get back on track!

Do this simple exercise: list on a blank sheet of paper or a spreadsheet all the qualities you think you have. Try to be as specific as possible by giving examples or anecdotes for each one. Complete and reread this document twice a day, once in the morning and once at night before going to bed. By doing this, you will grow these qualities like seeds that are watered. It is by neglecting our qualities that they become smaller, that’s why we must not forget them. If you can, try to see friends or people who have always been able to bring your qualities to the fore. The idea is not to have someone polish your shoes, but rather to remind you of the obvious that you tend to forget. Don’t be afraid to look at yourself in a positive light; it will have a positive effect on the choices you make in the future.

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