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One Week: 7 Days for 7 Destiny-Shaping Habits


Treat every day as a chance to get closer to your higher self. You can become valuable to many people if you have spent time and energy developing deep-seated habits. Most worship services dedicate a weekly day to God. Why not do the same with other days of the week for other activities?

You can be your own hero, and it’s up to you to choose the attributes. Let’s look at the week of someone who has chosen to put spirituality at the center of their life.

  • The spiritual path

Monday : dedicated to water fasting
Tuesday : dedicated to meditation
Wednesday : practice of selfless action (karma yoga)
Thursday : dedicated to total or partial silence
Friday: oriented around the study of spiritual texts
Saturday: writing on the reflections that may have emerged during the week
Sunday: prayer

There are an infinite number of combinations since there are an infinite number of lives to think about. The point of dedicating a particular task each day is that it is empowering and can truly become part of us.

Let’s see some examples of possible activities for different life paths.

  • running 10 kilometers (for a top athlete)
  • reading research articles (a researcher)
  • writing 3000 words (a writer)
  • drawing for 8 hours (an architect)
  • going to museums or looking for beauty in nature (an artist)
  • calling family members (a householder)
  • and so on.

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