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Why Does Life Dry Our Heart?

Why does life dry our heart?

An new-born baby is pure, or at least purer than we are, the grown-ups. What does makes a baby so pure and us not less pure? Where does it come from? Has his soul has been puried before coming to Earth? Probably yes, or is it his ignorance of life that makes him or her such a way?

As we grow, we are in contact with down-to-earth matters so that might explain why we get tainted. We may just come from the “sky” where everything is much cleaner and subtle. So why on earth are we doomed to “come down”? This makes life a bit enigmatical, but once we are able to answer this question meaningfully, we have actually done something very deep since finding meaning in life is what shapes our path and solves a part of our existential worries.

We can answer this question in many ways, but one way allows us to think really positively about what is going on in our day to day live. If you agree with the fact that we come from a consciously elevated place, you may also agree that the reason why we’re living on Earth is maybe to make it a better place. We are sent over here to bring a little piece of “Heaven” and help all creatures to live a better life. The only danger is to not forget where we come from, otherwise we may just be corrupted by our environment. So that’s why it’s important to reconnect on a daily basis with the source, from where we arrived. By praying for example, we purify ourselves in order to recover our true nature. It’s important to remind us this “mission” regularly because our environment is hostile and it cannot always protect us from getting “contaminated”.

It seems maybe idealistic but it’s the only reason why we’re here. What do you think about this idea? Would you agree with it in some respects.

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